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Outdoor Sport Channel® HD delivers full HD program signal to US based United Teleports, to reach numbers of affiliate operators.

UNITED TELEPORTS, headquartered in Miami, Florida, provides innovative and customized services to Cable, Satellite, Internet/OTT, Terrestrial Television Broadcasters and Telecom providers in the United States, Latin America and Caribbean at lower prices, with greater reliability, and with much faster startup times than can be offered by its competitors. Strategic partnerships with teleports worldwide extend the reach of these services to Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

The company was created in 2010 in direct response to our customers’ urgent needs for cost effective, reliable and quickly implemented television services. Since then it has excelled in providing the fastest response times in the market, repeatedly demonstrating the capacity to put channels on air in as little as a few days, the direct result of a wise policy of preparedness, with key equipment and in-house, highly qualified engineering always on standby for new implementations. Operational staff is fully proficient in providing these services with high reliability and response time using a genuinely personalized approach.

UNITED TELEPORTS has a secret weapon, unique among the competition. Our sister company UPCOM TECHNOLOGIES manufactures all key equipment needed to provide these mission critical television services:
Channel Origination
Encoding & Streaming
Multiplexing & Encryption
Uplink & Downlink
File Conversion & Archiving
This means for any given service our capital investment is lower, and time to implement much shorter, than our competitors. For example, our internal cost of a fully redundant Upcom HD playout chain is a fraction of what our competitors have to pay third parties for the same functionality and reliability, savings that is passed directly on to our clients in the form of lower monthly fees. This also means expert technical support is always on site to install, configure, upgrade or repair mission critical equipment that our competitors have to wait days or weeks for third party support.

UNITED TELEPORTS offers satellite telecommunications services via its teleports in Miami and Port Saint Lucie, Florida, complemented by associated Teleports in the United Kingdom, Jordan, Brazil, Mexico and Australia. Click on logo for company website.

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Outdoor Sport Channel® delivers full automated EPG (Electric Program Service) to Poland. AKPA Polska is a leading TV Metadata Provider in Poland since 1994. AKPA operates in DVB-C, DVB-S, DVB-H, DVB-T and IPTV market. AKPA’s TV customers are all Polish digital platforms (nc+, Cyfrowy Polsat, Orange, DVB-T EmiTel), cable and mobile operators (UPC, Multimedia, TOYA, INEA etc.), internet portals (ONET, Interia, Stopklatka), popular Polish TV guides, newspapers (Tele Tydzień, Tele Świat, To & Owo, TV 14, Fakt TV, Super Express TV, Kropka TV).AKPA supply EPG data of about 450 Polish and foreign TV channels.