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London September 9th, 2014

Outdoor Sport Channel®, the leading International sports television company, announced its launch on New York City based Nimble TV.

Outdoor Sport Channel® continues to expand its international reach via traditional and growing consumer demand for time- and place-shifting of TV content distribution. Including now the New York City metropolitan area & Chicago with Dallas, Boston and Los Angeles to be added soon (10 new US cities before end of year). International territories are India with Russia, Ukraine, Germany, United Kingdom, among others to follow.
Outdoor Sport Channel® is available via: Laptops, tablets and phones. Support most popular modern browsers; Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer (9+) and Opera.”On the go” with iOS device support over WiFi & Cellular. Apple TV via airplay on iOS devises. Via Roku. Roku 2 and up. with framework 3.0 or higher officially supported. Available worldwide.

For Roku customers: Login to ‘My Account’ on Roku’s website then select add ‘Private Channel’ and add NimbleTV. Then go to ‘Settings’ on the Roku box and do a software update to load the new channel. Now login as normal to your NimbleTV account and enjoy Outdoor Sport Channel®!

Sick and tired of the same old sports on TV? Looking for outdoor, action, summer and winter sports and international sports news? Outdoor Sport Channel® is just the fix you’ve been looking for.

And now with New York City based NimbleTV, you can actually watch Outdoor Sport Channel®…OUTDOORS! Subscribe to the Outdoor Sport Channel® and watch on almost any device from any location. It’s available as an add-on channel for $1.99 with any Pro package.

Click on the logo for all info and to subscribe.


Välkommen Sverige/Welcome Sweden!

London, 23rd July 2014 Outdoor Sport Channel® launched in the 1st edition basic “Mixed” package at MagineTV.

Outdoor Sport Channel®, the leading international sports television company, signed a multiyear Pay TV distribution deal with Sweden based Magine TV. The agreement gives Magine TV subscribers access to the Outdoor Sport Channel® 24/7 Live broadcast channel, which will be part of the global roll-out of the platform, starting off in Sweden, Germany and Spain. The Outdoor Sport Channel® linear television network will be available, via the Magine TV service via TV, and various connected devices, in the following territories; Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Columbia and Spain with a further global roll-out.


Football enthusiasts across the globe are gearing up for the start of the 2014 World Cup.
24/7 World Cup News on Outdoor Sport Channel® and via Twitter. Click on below image.
2014 World Cup Outdoor Sport Channel®

Watch photo’s & video`s from the fantastic 2014 Champions League final, between Real Madrid & Atletico Madrid, on Twitter. From the preparations, lineup, actual match, results, stats to the final celebrations.

Follow Outdoor Sport Channel® on Twitter to catch-up 24/7 with the latest network, sports news (covering all sports & leagues) and 2014 World Cup Brazil.

Witter CL

Magine – the Stockholm-based cloud TV service – is celebrating awards success across Europe in 2014, having been recognised by a number of industry organisations, including Informa, the organisers of the TV Connect Awards, VOD Professional, and the DTVE Euro 50 Awards 2014.

On the company’s recent success, Mattias Hjelmstedt, CEO and Founder of Magine, comments: “It is an honour to accept these awards on behalf of the whole Magine team, and it is fantastic that the new players in television, who are contributing new perspectives and adding value to the industry, are being recognised by these organisations and judges. Contemporary television can no longer be considered linear and passive, and Magine provides an intuitive platform that allows users to access television content wherever and whenever they want it, no matter what device or screen they have access to.”

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