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Outdoor Sport Channel® HD signs 5 year worldwide Sales & Representation Agreement with Norwegian based MoozMedia.

With more than 25 years’ experience in TV and Media, MoozMedia know the market is searching for the right people with the right ideas.

From TV start-ups to OTT distribution, IPTV and Gaming, MoozMedia provide the best ideas along with progressive solutions for their clients.

CEO, Ola Steinsrud, has been at the forefront of new advances in the TV industry since the 90´s. Starting as a founding partner of TVNorge, now part of Discovery Networks Norway, Ola’s entrepreneurial skills have supported his position at the cutting edge of new developments within all facets of media. His depth of experience in the international market has included working with the first wireless gaming solutions, TELCOs, content and platform distributors and latterly breaking ground in the emergence of the OTT market.

With his vast experience and overview of the industry, Ola also works as an invitational speaker and investment consultant to the industry.

About MoozMedia (TV start-ups & Content to OTT services)

MoozMedia is a boutique Media Company based in Norway, which delivers a creative strategic edge for new and existing business models.

From subscription to revenue shared models, MoozMedia finds the solutions that work best for individual companies.

ROI is key to its success with a manifesto of creating a positive environment for products to thrive.

With a strong international network, from content distributors to customized technical solutions, Moozmedia assists with finding the solutions that work for clients.

A portfolio which includes scripted content financing and format creation to TV start-ups, gaming solutions and technical user-friendly models in the IPTV & OTT market, MoozMedia provide original and progressive solutions for clients throughout the industry.

Moozmedia also works with Merger and Acquisitions and investment analysis for the media industry throughout Europe, Asia and the US.


About Outdoor Sport Channel® HD

Outdoor Sport Channel® is simply Unique. 24/7 airing only the best international outdoor, action, summer & winter sports programming, including the latest international sports news. Highlighting all international Football Leagues, F1, Car racing, NASCAR, Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Cycling, Golf, Ice Hockey, Swimming, Tennis, Track & Field and all regular programming related sports news.

FC Bayern Munich studio presented NEWS video segments, covering FC Bayern’s latest exclusive news, behind the scenes/community, interviews, skills, training and matches. In addition promotional programming i.e. specials, cup celebrations and more.

The channel is a International leader, which offers global sports television content, to distribution companies that distribute them in their own countries areas and directly to viewers at their homes. This offers an interesting mix of sports programming so far, unknown in the world.

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Asia TV Forum & Market (ATF), Asia’s leading entertainment content market, gives you the floor – to buy, sell, finance, distribute and co-produce, across all platforms. This is your chance to engage with the top players in the entertainment industry, from around the world.
It’s where the best minds and best ideas meet, where the future of Asian television is shaped.
Held in conjunction with ScreenSingapore, ATF and ScreenSingapore is where the best of TV and Film come together in a single, dynamic event: and it is bigger, better and brighter than ever.