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Outdoor Sport Channel® HD is a digital subscription sports television network.
We offer and distribute Outdoor Sport Channel® HD around the globe.
Territories: Europe, Russia, North & South America, Canada, Caribbean, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australia via CATV, linear TV, IPTV, OTT, BOIP, VoD, PPV, DTH and mobile platforms.

Outdoor Sport Channel® HD selected content is 247 available, around the world, on the latest 5G, 4G and all 3G mobile devices, via: Andriod phones, Symbian phones (Nokia, Ericsson, Panasonic and Samsung), Blackberry, iPhone, iPod`s and iPad`s (Including Android, Iphone and Blackberry TV Apps).

BOIP (Broadcast over IP)
Outdoor Sport Channel® HD is supplied directly, worldwide, to each and any operator via the latest technology: BOIP (Broadcast over IP) receiver IRD. The Outdoor Sport Channel® HD content is worldwide available in HD Broadcast TV quality and specs.

Satellite (DTH)
Outdoor Sport Channel® HD available to affiliate operators, ” in the footprint “.

Fiber network (delivery to More than 148 countries in the world):
Terrestrial connectivity is offered as an option for affiliates who prefer terrestrial distribution who would like to implement terrestrial distribution as a primary or secondary delivery means in conjunction with satellite delivery, or for those customers who subscribe to the service.

Worldwide available (subscription) via desktop, Facebook App, Google TV, Boxee, Apple TV and dedicated Windows play out for all Microsoft platforms.

Outdoor Sport Channel® HD offers, cost-effective, high broadcast quality HD/4K playout combined with real-time channel branding as “PlayBox Technology” solution. Our international playout facility provides ASI | RF | IP | SDI output with EPG, HbbTV® and Teletext. Encoding and signal delivery for simultaneously transmition directly, point-to-point, to each and any CATV, IPTV, DTH, ADS, OTT, Smart TV, OVP, mobile operator and EBU, FCC licensed OTA broadcaster.

EPG: “Electric Program Guide”, Code: Western Europe (ISO/IEC 8859), Gracenote®, Barconet, TV-Anytime, Plain XML, Presse-Programm Service (pps), Media-Press TV. EPG data automatically updated each 6 hours (24/7). EPG data to be chosen; standard 256 characters or 4000 characters expended data.
Teletext: FAB, e&s, Opera, Starfish…
Loudness Normalization: The output signal is normalized in real-time in accordance to EBU 128 resp. ITU BS1770-2.
Timezone: Program schedule comfortable for all international timezones.
Cue Tones: Program signal can be provided with, local ad insertion, cue tones.

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©2007-2019 Outdoor Sport Channel®


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