Outdoor Sport Channel® HD Live on New Knoxville, Ohio based GoldStar Communications, LLC d.b.a. NKT.tv

Outdoor Sport Channel®, in the U.S. available into the Gold Package, Sports Tier, NKT.tv package and additional A La Carte service.

To order and enjoy Outdoor Sport Channel®, click on the logo(s).

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Gold Package for just $19.95 per month.  

Add-on channel for just $2,99 per month*

*Pick and choose Outdoor Sport Channel® a la carte service that you would like to add to your subscription. No package required!

Sports Tier preset number 0074

4-560x460-000000    NKT.tv Serialized Box $19.95

About GoldStar Communications, LLC d.b.a. NKT.tv
NKTelco, Inc. is a locally-owned and operated broadband communications company, located in New Knoxville, OH. NKTelco’s parent company, New Knoxville Telephone Company, has been in business since 1905, providing local phone service to New Knoxville residents.

In 1985, NKTelco was started to provide video and data (i.e. Cable TV and Internet) services to its customers. This unique blend of companies allows us to offer Digital Voice, Cable TV and High-Speed Internet services and serve our surrounding communities.
Currently, NKTelco serves the New Knoxville, New Bremen, Minster, Fort Loramie, Botkins, Anna, Maria Stein and Sidney communities. NKTelco is proud to be a part of these communities and looks forward to serving them for many years to come!


About Outdoor Sport Channel® HD
24/7 airing only the best international outdoor, action, summer & winter sports programming, including the latest international sports news. Highlighting all international Football Leagues, F1, Car racing, NASCAR, Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Cycling, Golf, Ice Hockey, Swimming, Tennis, Track & Field and all regular programming related sports news.

FC Bayern Munich studio presented NEWS video segments, covering FC Bayern’s latest exclusive news, behind the scenes/community, interviews, skills, training and matches.
In addition promotional programming i.e. specials, cup celebrations and more.

Established in 2007 the channel is the industry first, and International leader, which offers global sports television content, to distribution companies that distribute them in their own countries areas and directly to viewers at their homes.
This offers an interesting mix of sports programming so far, unknown in the world.

Press contact information:
Outdoor Sport Channel Ltd®
Mr. Sidney Dernhum
Tel: +44 (0)20 3318 3835


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