Outdoor Sport Channel® signs 5 year worldwide sales agreement with Mumbai based Orasi Media.

Orasi Media provides consulting services in sales, marketing and promotions to broadcast, pay television channels, CATV, satellite, IPTV, SmartTV/OTT, Mobile and technology companies as well as selling and/or licensing television and film content for the Worldwide broadcasting markets.

Networks: Outdoor Sport Channel®-Global Wide, Outdoor Sport Channel®-News247® and Outdoor Sport Channel®-VOD (video on demand).

For Digital media industry, the Orasi group is pleased to offer media related technology solutions:
• Solution related to development of front-end, setting up of linear channels, IPTV / VoD Platform and many of the new technology media solutions.
• Managing back-office and Operations, conversion of content and any other business related services which can be outsourced.

Key Benefits – Content Buyers or Acquirers

Secure Platform (Clients spread across 15 Countries)
Simplified operation between content buyers and sellers right from licensing issues to price negotiations.
Easy access, secure & efficient transaction with reduced cost.
Media Exchange Platform- Content from across the world allows users to get diverse content on a single platform.
Wide range of tools and services to participate in global content market for multiple content offering and distribution.



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